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10 Steps for on /off Page Seo

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Search Engine Optimization is the basic marketing skill that one must acquire in order to promote his/her website or business online. Once you created a website for your business then you would need a positive and result oriented marketing strategy to carry out for running successful business online. Search Engine Optimization is what you need to do on your website for better search results for your specific keywords. Following are some key aspects that one must consider doing related to on page and off page eo

Write Quality Content: You must write quality content for your website and if you are not good at writing killer content piece then you must hire a professional for this purpose as this is the only way to engage more customers on your website. Your content must be relevant to your business and it should provide some valuable information to the readers so that they can get benefit from your content it could compel them to share your content with others. 
Add Meta to Page Codes: Google finds your website with the help of meta inserted in your website. The meta tags will tell Google briefly about your website, content and your business which will let Google decide how relevant your website is for a specific search term made by user. So you must add appropriate description and title into your page’s code.
Keep Images light: Use light images that are less in kb so that a page could load quickly as the loading time can affect users experience in the start. So make images light and use them only where they are required.
Use Proper Headings tag in Content You must use headings tags in your content as the headings tags categorized your website content for a keyword that is put in heading tag and Google will consider that your website is related to that particular keyword which is being used in heading tag.
Resolve www redirect:You must redirect your website properly and make sure that your website is not opening in both versions of url which include url with www an without www. Redirect the one to another which you are going to use.
For example : and both versions are opening of url include www like
Add Website to Webmaster Tools: Once your website’s on page SEO is done then you need to give your website to webmaster tools to check various seo aspects of your website. This tool can help even the newbie’s to understand and manage website promotions.
Add Sitemap to your website: Google will crawl a sitemap that you have submitted to your website and then asked for indexing in Google webmaster tools. Sitemap can tell Google about how many urls are you willing to get indexed in Google.
Syntax : We need to add only sitemap.xml in webmaster.
Add Robots.txt File: You can set a target for Google about which url you want to get indexed and which you want to be blocked by Google through robots.txt file.
Create Backlinks: Finally you would need to create healthy and genuine backlinks for your website on relevant websites so that Google could easily find your websites linked to other websites which improves your website’s value. Be assuring that you only create relevant back Links through white hat seo.

If you don’t have much time to perform these tasks, you must hire a professional for this work.